5 June 2011

And here's the culprit

The offending shelf
 Thinking back to when I was packing this firing, there was a loud crack when I was filling the top shelf. As nothing moved then it just didn't occur to me that something had bust. There was no sign of a crack when I painted on the batt wash.
Half baked, smokey pots

I'm getting closer to wanting to build a more substantial kiln. With a proper arched roof and door into the chamber. In fact I've heard of some 2nd hand bricks needing a home....

The pots looked rather beautiful with their dusting of soot and ash and useful to see how the early ash settles on the surfaces.

So now the kiln is packed again and waiting for the weather to come good, the exhibition to end, the trip away to be over, the dog walker to be at home again etc etc

3 June 2011

Perfect day for firing no. 16.......

6 am - sooo good to be alive

9 am -

6am start the firing with gas
9am turn off the gas and abandon firing at only 300 degrees

Putting the first pieces of wood in about 8am I noticed one of the kiln shelves which form the chamber floor has cracked and slipped. You can just see it in this photo. It has to come out. Unfortunately this is the shelf which supports the main prop holding up the shelves of pots. I can't risk continuing.

OH *!***!.*

All I can do now is cut the grass on this perfect summer day.

2 June 2011

firing tomorrow


Summer has returned to Skye.

Firing tomorrow, Friday, pots out on Sunday, exhibition opens on Monday!

And I haven't mentioned the complete rebuild of the kiln.