6 February 2010

Pots from firing no.9

Interior of the kiln from the side

You can see the build up of glaze from the soda on the bricks. The first firing gave them the most beautiful orange blush. I realised that I should protect them with a wash of alumina. I've no idea how long they will last or how viable it is to do this kind of firing in a kiln which has to be unbuilt to unpack.

I used about 500g of soda for this firing which went into the kiln at about 1170 C over half an hour giving the work a light soda glazing on their exterior surfaces.

These are the best pieces from this firing. Each of the pots has a transparent liner glaze on the interior.

Lidded terrine
ht 13cm
width 21cm

Casserole, makes a good coq au vin.
Slightly ovoid,
ht 10cm
width 23cm

Deep oval vessel
soda glazed
ht 15cm
width 20cm

Deep oval vessel
ht 15cm
width 17cm

Jug with no handle
ht 13cm
width 18cm