30 November 2009

building the wood fired kiln

A few pictures of the kiln build. May 2009

The base of the kiln. A bed of sand under a layer of common house bricks.

Complete layer of high temperature insulation brick (HTI 26)

First course of HTI’s. Firebox mouth at front. (firebars lying to the right)

Fire bars in place, front and rear bricks cut to form ledges, small pieces of HTI as spacers.

Next 3 courses showing firebox mouth. Extruded hollow kiln shelves forming roof of firebox and floor of ware chamber.

Rear of kiln showing kiln floor, inner wall of chimney supported by cut bricks to form flue.

Position for bag wall (formed from cut kiln shelf balanced on edge).

View from above of chimney being constructed, one brick in depth.

Completed kiln chamber. Pyrometer hole can just be seen in the middle of the penultimate course on the long side.

Kiln shelves forming roof with 2 layers of fibre. End wall has been rebuilt to include loose half brick as spy hole.

I’d just like to point out that all the sunny pictures are from Skye in June!

The next step is to fire it, or read a few more books about it first.

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