9 August 2011

Firings 16 & 17

I'm writing this in the middle of the 3rd firing since the rebuild.
The first, no. 17 zoomed up to 900 in 7 hours (weather not a factor, overcast and light breeze) then stalled around 1100 for about 4 hours. After 13 hours I managed to coax it up to 1200. Where it stuck for another 2 hours reaching 1240 tops but acheiving cone 9 down.
The results included some lovely carbon trapping in a soda ash glaze I was testing.
For firing 18 I attempted to follow the previous cycle to get the carbon trapping effects again. The weather was breezy from the south west so not too different.
I reduced for an hour at 900 but not a heavy reduction, as the breeze was blowing directly into the firebox. The kiln stalled again between 1120 and 1170 for about 5 hours. Reaching 1218 tops but with cone 9 only just starting to go after16 hours, by which time I was completely gone, so clammed up and headed for a hot bath.
I then had to wait 2 whole weeks on an annoying holiday before I could unpack this kiln. That's the trouble with non potting partners they don't really understand what's the priority. Actually I did prize open the lid for a quick peek just to reassure myself it wasn't a disaster, that would have really spoiled the holiday.

I should mention here the benefits of non-potting partners - coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner, cups of tea, that magnificent cold, cold beer at 6 o'clock with the kiln at 1200 Centigrade after 13 hours of continuous firing, all brought to me with barely a hint required.

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