31 October 2011

Anagama in Cumbria

November in Cumbria is not the best time for a firing but it's still better than Skye has been this year.
Ten of us arrived at Higham Hall yesterday, 6 tons of wood waiting for us under tarpaulins and a sad looking kiln. Last years winter frost has caused a bit of heave and the arch is looking distinctly flat. Should hold up and Gavins big pots are strong enough to withstand a collapse so they're at the front!  
This is a much tighter pack than last year. Lots more pots, new shelves and props. About 4 hours to pack (photos later) and brick up the door. Gas on low overnight to dry it out after 14 months of Cumbrian weather. 120 C at 6am this morning. Small wood fire in the ash pit and up to 240 C by 10 am. That's me off shift until 22.00 but we're aing for 800C by 18.00.

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