1 November 2011

Halloween night shift

10pm to 2 am shift on Halloween - owls hooting, something skreetching and a little devil showing its horns. 
A few bricks got knocked off the outer layer of arch bricks but they're wedged back on and now we really do have to plan a rebuild. 
 After 3 hours soaking at 900 we changed shift and aimed for 1100 by 2 am. Then soaked in reduction for half an hour to encourage some orange in the shino glaze.  Top vents covered, damper in and a singed hairline at the next stoke as the kiln blew back out of the firebox. Next stoke open the damper first. 
Gavin stayed for our shift and was still going when the rest of his team arrived at 2. The man is an instiable firer. Will he still be there when I go down for breakfast now at 10.30? 

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