14 March 2010

I found an article about a similar kiln in back issue no. 18 of The Log Book (The International Woodfired Ceramics Publication) www.thelogbook.net built by Petr Novak in the Czech Republic. He refers to it a fast firing kiln with ‘circulating flame’, possibly of German design from 1970s. When I bought my kiln Mr. Krajek implied that it was a well know design in Central Europe. I’m surprised not to have come across it before in UK but perhaps there are fewer opportunities to wood fire here. There is a seemingly endless supply of wood in CR which has huge areas of managed forest and woodland and wood is a common fuel for heating homes. In fact I know of at least 4 ceramists specialising in building ceramic stoves in the small area of Česky Krumlov (south Bohemia) but that is a whole other subject. And talking of Česky Krumlov (a wonderful UNESCO world heritage site with CR’s 2nd largest castle) in the museum there is a beautiful scale model of the town made in ceramic by Jana & Petr Pešek.

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